Our feet ... our concern

Dimitrios Stavrianidis

A pair of beautiful, well-groomed feet. This summer, let's give them the care they deserve. Summer is their season. Freed from tights and closed shoes, the lower limbs are revealed, they wear thin, high-heeled sandals and trendy sandals, they touch the hot sand naked, they stand out with shiny nail polish. However, they require intensive and systematic care from us so that they are always presentable.

Beautiful feet in 3 steps If we want the skin on our feet to have a truly velvety texture, simply applying a simple moisturizer quickly isn't enough. You need a little more.

Soften the skin

The lukewarm foot bath with essential oils or Epsom salts, about 10 minutes a night, is beneficial not only because it relaxes our aching feet, but by softening the skin on the heels and metatarsal bone we will be able to smooth the area more easily with using a pumice stone or a rasp (foot file). Tip. We choose mint or melalefki essential oils for firming, cooling and relaxation, eucalyptus for firming and relief, cypress for detoxification, while when our feet feel heavy and tired there is nothing better than rosemary essential oil.

Scrub thoroughly.

To combat hardening and cracking, in addition to mechanical exfoliation, ie rubbing with pumice stone, the skin often requires more drastic solutions, with specialized formulations enriched with alpha and beta hydroxy acids - our well-known AHA and BA. Thanks to their keratolytic action, these ingredients facilitate the removal of dead cells and significantly improve the texture of the skin. Tip. For more intensive care, apply a rich cream, such as a balm, 1-2 times a week, which combines exfoliating and moisturizing agents, soothing ingredients and relaxing essential oils, and wear cotton socks. In the morning, our feet are soft as velvet!

Moisturize the skin

The skin on the soles of the feet is thicker than any other part of the body. For this reason, the formula we choose should have the power to penetrate the surface layers and provide rich hydration in depth and duration. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, urea, panthenol, essential oils of vegetable origin bind moisture, reduce the accumulation of dead cells and repair the deficiencies of the keratin layer in lipids, improving the filtration of hydrolipids. Tip. If our feet feel heavy and inflamed, if we suffer from varicose veins or simply if we just want to cool our limbs after a hard day, there is no better solution than a moisturizing formula enriched with herbal extracts (such as gingko biloba, the horse chestnut seeds or chamomile) that stimulate the blood vessels and soothe inflammation and essential oils (eg mint) with a refreshing effect.