Benefits of olive oil in skin care

Dimitrios Stavrianidis

The Mediterranean peoples had recognized the benefits of olive oil as a cosmetic for body, skin and hair. In ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, olive oil and herbs are used for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. For many generations, the oil has been the main source of many beauty treatments, from the top of the head and the soles of the feet.

Many ancient historians appreciated its value for health and skin condition improvement. Homer speaking about it described it as the liquid gold of the Mediterranean. On the other hand, Hippocrates mentioned in his Hippocratic Code many types of olive oil uses in skin diseases.

Olive oil was considered a luxury ingredient that belonged to people of the higher social classes. Thanks to its content of valuable ingredients, olive oil leaves the skin clean and soft. Hence, it was used as a cleanser, often flavored with various essential oils, to cover the strong body odor, leaving a soft pleasant scent in the skin.

Benefits of olive oil in skin care

The Olympian goddesses used a type of ointment based on olive oil, which is believed to have miraculous properties and body. The ancient holistic art of Ayurveda suggests the use of olive oil to achieve maximum hydration and beauty of the skin.

The applications are many and the story is big. Researchers continue to look for evidence of therapeutic properties. Recently, in excavations of Mycenae, archaeologists have uncovered a list of various ointments made up of olive oil and various herbs.

The development of a science dedicated to human beauty “Cosmetology” will revolutionize the use of olive oil.

Today it is treated as a standalone or basic cosmetic ingredient in various creams, masks and other beauty products. Shower gels, face creams, day and night creams and body oils, sun creams and soaps are some of the myriad products produced with the oil base.

But .... why this "liquid gold" is so precious;

Olive oil is a vegetable oil that consists mainly of the unsaturated fatty acids and more specifically of monounsaturated fatty acids. This recommendation makes it valuable because its unsaturated fatty acids are resistant to oxidation. It even contains saturated fatty acids in very small concentrations.

The main fatty acid is oleic acid, and olive oil also contains linoleic acid.

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid belonging to the class of omega fatty acids. It is very important to the beauty world because it has great cosmetic properties. Nourishes and softens the skin and has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and keep it hydrated. The linoleic acid is particularly valuable for anti-aging creams and helps renew the skin. For this reason, it is used on burn healing products and products for various skin conditions and has very good results in mild forms of acne. It is still a necessary acid for the skin and cell membranes. Hydrates and provides the skin with the necessary nutrients. The use of olive oil in the making of soaps provides soothing and moisturizing properties in them.

Palmitic acid belongs to the saturated fatty acids and has soothing properties. It keeps the skin hydrated, strengthens the barrier cells and prevents moisture loss from the skin. The stearic acid in olive oil is also an important lubricant.

Fatty acids are very important for both nutrition and cosmetics. They have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and use humectants, preventing the loss of water. They have many benefits such as maintaining the hydration and smoothness of the skin.

In addition, the olive oil contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, substances that protect the skin against all rays of the sun, reducing its sensitivity to the sun.

Olive oil occupies a special position in the world of beauty. Rich in beneficial ingredients has the ability to nourish, moisturize, heal and nourish the skin leaving the skin soft and smooth. It has excellent penetration properties and is able to "lock in" the natural moisture, thus preventing the development of dry skin. In addition, it is undeniable that its antioxidant properties protect the skin from premature aging. This is because the olive oil has the natural ability to target the epidermal cells and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improving the skin, making it its most powerful and healthy.

It is precious for mature skin, combats dryness, dullness, thinning of the skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes. It provides all the necessary nutrients needed to keep the skin glowing, but over time.