With Organic Olive Oil & Volcanic Soil Extract

Anti-blue light | Moisturizing | Anti-aging | Anti-pollution action

Rich face cream that moisturizes and improves skin elasticity thanks to the volcanic rock extract and the hyaluronic acid it contains. The presence of lipoamino acids helps the skin to regain its lost radiance and youthfulness. The action of seaweed provides natural protection against the harmful effects of blue light radiation through the screens of electrical devices that cause aging, while the bioflavonoids it contains help create an invisible barrier that prevents air pollutants from entering. penetrate skin.

This moisturizer contains an exclusive Anti-Pollution Factor that uses various plant antioxidants to protect and neutralize the effects of blue light on cells. It also protects against pollution and contains brightening actives to brighten dull skin with every application, turning it into an "urban shield" for your face.