Invigorating shower gel that gently cleanses and conditions the skin, leaving a silky soft feel that lasts. Sage extract stimulates skin cell rejuvenation, while lime extract is a natural cleanser that invigorates the skin and keeps it radiant while reducing odors.

1 Gently cleanses and conditions the skin [Mild surfactants + Greek organic olive oil].

2 Hydrates and gives a silky feel [Lime Extract + Sage Extract] Fragrance with lemon, rose and sandalwood notes.

OLIVINE WITH GREEK ORGANIC OLIVE OIL BATHS cleanse and nourish the body, while their unique scents revive the body and stimulate the senses. Enriched with plant extracts derived from Greek plant species and organic olive oil, they moisturize and pump the skin, leaving it soft, clean and silky smooth.