The top product helix lifting serum (30ml) contains the perfect combination of honey extract and snail slime, glycolic acid, elastin, allantoin, bioaccharides, natural peptides, hyaluronic acid.

It offers:

▪ Food with vitamins A, D, E, C, F, K,
. Activates fibroblasts
. Antioxidant properties
▪ anti-aging moisturizing
. Regeneration
. Anti-inflammatory effect
. Tightening

✔ Prepare your skin to absorb the ingredients of the 24-hour cream with the synthesis of proteins and the proliferation of new cells.

. Great basis for a long-lasting make-up

Snail slime in combination with honey extract and biosaccharides make the serum a unique product for nourishing, repairing the face and neck with these valuable ingredients that work effectively on the problems of photoaging, regenerating damaged skin from scars, using biosaccharides form a protective film against the environmental pollutants that wear down the skin.